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Abstracting, Real Estate Closing and Title Insurance

Bryan County, Oklahoma

Modern Abstract and Title




Abstracting, Real Estate Closing and Title Insurance

Bryan County, Oklahoma


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An Abstract of Title is a compilation of all documents affecting title to a specific piece of property. It reflects the title to that property, where title is used in the same sense as ownership, as well as other title rights, such as mortgage interest, leasehold interests, mineral rights, and easement rights… More >

Title Insurance

Title Insurance protects policy holders, typically owners and lenders, against loss which could occur from title defects…. More >


The closing is often the most anticipated part of a real-estate transaction. It’s an notable life event and should be a comfortable, informed experience. Our Closing Cost Estimator will give you a better idea what fees will be charged for your transaction. Let us handle your next closing and experience the Modern difference… More >

Modern Abstract & Title is here to help you make sense of your real estate transactions.

Most people only experience buying or selling real estate a hand full of times in their lives
Our service-minded team goes the extra mile to ensure you have a complete understanding of your transaction and it is handled efficiently and professionally.

Let Modern handle your next transaction and enjoy fast, friendly service.
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We're on a mission to serve our clients, agents and community with fast, friendly service.

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Abstracting or Title Search?

Every state has some form of abstracting or title search. In Oklahoma, searches are required to go all the way back to inception, where ownership typically begins with a patent from the United States government. Modern Abstract & Title maintains a complete title plant for all of Bryan County Oklahoma, which includes all land records, judgements, and tax liens.
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Community and Service Oriented

The Modern Team exists to serve the community and its real estate industry. Our steadfast mission is to provide fast, friendly service to every individual that walks through our doors and act as a catalyst to the economic growth of Bryan County, Oklahoma.
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Our Experience

Modern’s experience in real estate law, commercial finance, and technology allows us to offer unrivaled service to our clients, agents, and community.

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Providing services in the State of Oklahoma, specializing in Bryan County, Marshall County, Choctaw County, Johnston County, and Atoka County.

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