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Modern Abstract & Title provides comprehensive title
insurance coverage, complete abstracting and
professional services for purchases, construction,
refinances, or equity loans.

The company’s thorough searches, title clearance, and insurance help to produce clear property titles and enable the efficient transfer of Oklahoma real estate within Bryan County and neighboring county’s.

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Complete Abstract

Will contain every document recorded from inception.

Evidentiary Affidavit

Evidentiary Affidavit is an affidavit used to compile all the information regarding a particular individual(s) typically relating to a court case.

Special Certificates

Special Certificates are often ordered by lenders, and will include information such as UCC certificates, Tax Certificates, Judgement and lien certificates, special assessments, and buyer’s name certificates. The information contained in a special certificate may not be reflected in a standard abstract.


Transcript Is a certified copy of a specific court case.

Final Abstracting

Final Abstracting is and extension of an existing abstract. It is common for a final abstract to be performed in order to reflect that all documents recorded have meet the requirements set forth by either attorney’s examination and opinion or the commitment for title insurance.

GAP Check

GAP Check is performed to determine if any documents have been filed between the date of title work and the date of closing that could affect the transfer of the property.

Ownership/Zoning Reports

Ownership/Zoning Reports is a compilation of all property owners within 300 feet of the subject property. Common reasons to order an ownership/zoning report is for the purpose of rezoning.

Supplemental Abstract

An abstract that contains only documents recorded from a specific date range. A supplemental can be prepared when here is prior work to commence from; a complete abstract, prior title insurance file or an examining attorney who has previously examined title and has a complete opinion.

Research and Professional Time

All time spent on requests outside of our normal services are subject to a research fee. This will include assisting with determining a legal description, research for documents or any other unusual circumstances.

Re-Certification of an Abstract

This is generally performed when the original abstract does not include all the land associated with the transaction. Often this involves adding additional land to the existing abstract.