Our Services


When you are buying or selling your home, our team of professionals is ready to serve you. We will provide clear communication and answer your questions, so you always understand the status of your transaction. We diligently research your property’s title history to ensure your rights as a property owner are protected. After closing with Modern, you won’t want to imagine closing anywhere else.



Our commercial team has experience in a variety of market sectors and is backed by the strength of national underwriters. We provide prompt communication to keep your deal moving forward and coordinate with all parties to prepare endorsements and other coverages.




Our Bryan County abstract plant is imaged and indexed back to sovereignty, making it the only complete plant resource available for online searching. In addition to providing in-house research and underwriting for title orders, our abstracting team also provides ownership reports, evidentiary affidavits, court transcripts, and more.



We believe in the power of knowledge and have the resources to empower you and your team. The real estate industry is dynamic, and our team can help you understand how changing laws and regulations may affect your business. We have training available on numerous title topics and are always excited to share. Education strengthens individuals and teams, which improves client experience, repeat business, and referrals.