Title and Title Insurance

Protect your real estate purchase the Modern way.

Modern Abstract can help protect you from hidden issues with your land title.

What Does a Title Company Do?

Modern Abstract and Title protects all parties in real estate transactions by conducting extensive research to verify ownership claims on real estate, ensuring there are no outstanding liens such as mortgages, tax liens, judgements, etc., and the sellers have the legal right to sell the land. We search public records meticulously, watching for any mistakes or problems before compiling an abstract of title containing all the documents affecting the property.

During the settlement (or closing), we act as a neutral third party, assisting buyers and sellers by causing the agreed-upon terms and conditions of the contract to be executed, and by explaining and notarizing the documents and facilitating the disbursement of funds.

What Should You Expect From Your Title Company?

Look for a title company who is committed to you and your transaction. One with a skilled team you can trust, who communicates with you consistently throughout the process. One who prepares diligently, focusing on accuracy and attention to detail. One with the technical capacity to handle complex transactions. One with team members who act with integrity, precision and care. And finally, one that provides timely, competent closings.

Who Chooses the Abstract Title Company?

In Oklahoma it’s customary during real estate transactions for the buyer to select the title company of their choice. However, the seller has a right to propose an alternative. It can differ market to market. Bottom line, choose the title company you can trust.

What is Title Insurance?

Your title insurance policy protects buyers and lenders against losses as a result of title defects that occurred previous to your purchase. Depending on the coverage in your policy, title insurance protects against a number of potential issues, from clerical errors to wills that were not properly probated and numerous others. Title insurance premium is paid only one time, when you close on the sale of your property.